Celebrities have become Designers - success stories

Since the early days of cinema or television, celebrities have sparked a sort of fascination intangible materialized through imitation and idolatry. Movies such as "Bonny and Clyde" has produced dozens of copies of Faye Dunaway's arrive tens of Twiggy with its extra-short haircut. Today, contemporary celebrities but carry the same charm, the audience becomes increasingly harder to satisfy.

Today, we need to do much more to cover an audience hungry for new. This includes the role of PR strategies and how they manage to educate nude. Star offers modern public constant, gives access to his personal life, there is a tendency to eliminate the main mediator - the press, the opening of celebrity blogs and frequent postings on social networking. Fashion and celebrities almost always coexisted peacefully. If you do not have a personal stylist to call their own flair in fashion, even more, launching his own clothing line beautifully packaged in its own name famous. Fortunately, it takes more than a great team behind a project like this.

 Here are success stories: Kate Moss for Top Shop

Kate Moss is a fashion icon recognized and collaboration for Top Shop has brought greater popularity, strong enough to divert public opinion from the drug scandals that was involved at that time. The result? The 50 pieces of clothing comprising shirts, skinny pants and vintage-inspired dresses were sold in less than an hour.

 Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B

Gwen Stefani is the tone among the celebrities that have associated the image with a clothing line. LAMB Gwen reflect exactly the style: punk accent pieces, bright colors and bold pieces.

 The Olsen sisters and Row Line created by two sisters really fits their style. Parts minimalist luxury, clean lines and slightly retro feminine accents ideal for the elite New York.

 Victoria Beckham and the line is named Passion for fashion

Victoria Beckham is known since she was part of the Spice Girls. Many years later, Victoria launches its brand with the same name, offering women the chance to borrow the style that made it famous.

 Sienna Miller and Twenty8Twelve The brand launched by Sienna and sister Savannah, the famous huge success mainly due boho-chic pieces that Sienna has popularized itself. An affordable collection bearing the name of a style icon extra. Versatility can be an asset indestructible celebrities in an era where information and consumerism dictates both how stars are perceived, and the turnover of brands they choose to release.